Are you my mother? Missionary activity

Missionary printable

Missionary As a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints we are always teaching a preparing our youth to service full time missions. To serve a mission you must complete the criteria and submit forms to Church headquarters. From there a mission is chosen for you based on your information and just a few months later your are whisked away to another part of the world to preach and share the gospel. This year for youth conference we used the them Mission Island Park.  Since I live in Idaho we have the amazing opportunity to go stay at a cabin in Island Park.   Our kids had this amazing opportunity to hear from others about serving a Mission for the LDS church.

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Quiet Time Printable playmats

playmat printables

My little guy is really into cars, planes and dinosaurs.  And he is always on the go.  I decided to make him these little playmats for on the go. I have made small travel toys in the past like these travel car mat and the travel dino mat.  They have been awesome. But he is enjoying more than dinos and cars so I decided to add a few play ideas. We take them everywhere.  Just the other day we had it while we were at the car dealership. I will be sharing the tutorial for the carry all later  but today I will be sharing a couple of the play mats. [Read more…]

Carry All Lanyard

Carry all lanyard for picnic blankets

Hello Ribbon Retreaters!  Thanks for visiting today.  I am Adrienne and I blog over at Free Time Frolics. With a new year that means new goals.  I have been diligently heading out to the gym every morning so often to get my self healthy.  So I decided if I am getting up before the sun then I want to have some cute things.  So today I am sharing my adorable Yoga Mat Carrier. The gym has some to use but I like to take my own.  This project is super simple and will take about 1 hour. Lets get started!

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Modify Ink- Beautiful Art your way

#modifyink unique custom art

When decorating a room in your home do you ever think “Oh I love that print but it is the wrong color”  Or “I wish the print included this color it would be perfect in my house”. A few weeks ago I meet the company Modify Ink.  After chatting with them and checking out the product they have, I was sold!

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30 Minute Tunic Pattern-RB Knit Love Blog Tour

30 minute tunic sewing pattern

It is my turn on the Knit Love Blog Tour with Riley Blake.  I am so excited to share with you my love of knits and my patterns!  I have been working on this little ditty for a couple weeks and finally got it finished just in time to share it with all of you here today! This pattern is super simple and quick to make.  Just 30 minutes and your custom Tunic is ready to wear! Be sure to check out my other knit patterns in my Etsy shop and use the code “Springtime1” for 25% off Until April 15th on any of my patterns.

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Little Girl Bedroom decor

baby girl bedroom decor
Seven years ago I had my Little Miss. With 2 older brothers I needed to go all out. With the help of my friend we put together this adorable room for my little miss.  I wish I had taken more photos but alas these are the only ones. It was long before blogging so here is what you get.

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Crockpot Monterray Chicken

monterray chicken recipe crockpot
My family loves BBQ chicken.  We love to throw it on the grill, bake it and crock pot it. It is a main staple in our home.  So when you find a good recipe you put it at the top of your menu every month.  We tried Monterrey Chicken a while back and the kids loved it.   Mostly because it has bacon.  But also because it tastes so dang good. They want it all the time.
Some days I just don’t have it in me to marinate and bake and then top with all the bacon and cheese goodness.  So I decided to make it in the crock pot.  You can serve this delicious meal over garlic mashed potatoes or with steamed veggies or whatever you like.

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Little Black Dress

little black dress idea
This year I thought the Little Miss needed her very own Little Black Dress. I love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  And I have always wanted her to have a little black dress. every little girl needs a little black dress.  I took a basic dress pattern for the bust and sleeve. I added my own little tweeks to make it my own or in this case, her own.

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Grandma’s Snickerdoodles

hommade snickerdoodlesrecipe

Several years ago for Christmas, I spent a ton of time and compiled all of my grandmother’s recipes.  I asked everyone in the family what their favorite recipe was that Grandma made. After getting all of them written down,  I took the time to put them into the computer, and print them out so I could make a cookbook. Everyone in the family got one for Christmas and they were thrilled.  It was only $5-8 dollars for each one so it wasn’t a huge expense, though it  took a lot of time on my part. Since then I find myself using it at least once a week, maybe more.

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